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We help build lifelong healthy eaters.

We asked ourselves, how could we create nutritious versions of meals that kids already know and love? Store-bought products are filled with unnatural ingredients, artificial colors, common allergens, preservatives and are high in processed sugars and unhealthy fats. We were tired of being stuck with meals we felt guilty buying, but had little choice since they were the only options available.

Basically, we were no longer willing to settle for anything but the best for our children. We knew that children who became accustomed early on to unhealthy foods had a much higher chance of developing poor eating habits that could increase their risk of diet-related illnesses and negatively impact their future. There had to be other like-minded parents that wanted convenient meals to quickly heat up in between errands, grocery shopping, and picking up little Johnny from soccer practice. There had to be another option. Therefore, sparking the creation of Lily Lunch Box Nutritious Kid's Meals.

Child nutrition is our top priority. We are 100% committed to creating nutritious and delicious meals for children made with only high quality organic, plant-based ingredients without any added preservatives or artificial colors.

Our goal is to help create a more sustainable future and implement dietary values that will benefit children's health and the future of the planet. Our promise is to never compromise and only deliver you the best kid's meals products that are nutritious, tasty, and don't cut any corners on ingredients or nutrition.

Nurtitious meals your children will love.

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